The Motherhood Wear & Tear – You Are Not Alone.

The motherhood burn out… it is not spoken about enough. It is a hidden part of motherhood, a silenced sector of this life we’ve chosen to live.

It is real, it is hard, it is lonely, it is harsh, it is exhausting.

Motherhood is beautiful, I think the most beautiful part of life, but my god will it push you to limits you never even knew existed. There are days where I am really convinced that I do not have one more ounce of patience left in my body. I physically cannot answer one more question.. the constant need for my attention is mentally and physically exhausting. It’s the need to be emotionally available for anything that any one in this home may need- the need to be physically available for any demand that anyone may have. It is the never ending list of chores, doctors appointments, other appointments, bills, opposing schedules- the tasks as a mother are truly endless.

The phrase ” it takes a village” is extremely fitting for raising children- but sometimes as a mother you are the village. There is not always family that is close by to help carry the load.. sometimes, most of the time- it is all on us. And it is draining.

Relentless- It is knowing that if you do not do it, it simply will not get done. It’s knowing that there are other people relying on you for food, clean clothes, entertainment, discipline, structure, love, nurturing – literally everything.

You are depleted- running on a broken up six hours of sleep because your toddler takes several naps at night instead of a full slumber. Then when your toddler falls back asleep early in the morning, an hour later your older child is ready to get up- and of course, they have a schedule and a list of chores that they are also dead set on achieving- and all you can do is list all of the cleaning that you haven’t been able to get done for weeks.. the seven loads of laundry scattered through out the house, the errands that need ran- the doctor appointment that simply cannot be rescheduled for the third time… and all this is running through your mind before you’ve even gotten a chance to brew your first cup of coffee.

If you’re anything like me, you haven’t been showered- you need a thorough hair wash and blow dry. The bags under your eyes aren’t even describable anymore- and you’ll typically have a few humans hanging off of your limbs for the next sixteen hours.. so the chances of a shower and a blow dry are not lookin real good, and not to mention the cleaning that needs to be done. Have you ever tried to mop a floor with two small children.. I literally mop for them to re-make their foot prints !

Then when my kids are finally busy for a good five minutes- I typically sit on the sofa in a few moments of suspicious silence and bask in the feelings of a tinge of loneliness, being severely touched out, and just being simply exhausted.

There will be a lot of days where you feel so run down, or burnt out- you feel like you need a few minutes to yourself to re-gather your thoughts.. There will be times where you truly don’t even know who you are anymore- you are just in mother mode, unconditionally loving your family- and forgetting about yourself. There will be days where you just don’t have the endless amount of patience that you usually do- that is okay! There will be days where you just want to throw in the towel- but you will not, because you are a mother and the endless love you have in your heart for your children is truly what gets you through every single day. The motherhood exhaustion is rough, but no matter what we will always put our children first and give them our all- that is motherhood magic, the true definition of selflessness.

This is a phase of motherhood & it can be hard as hell, with young children who are so demanding. But, It is just a passing part of life. When you are feeling these feels, just remember- this is time that is going to fly by, and you will never get it back. They’ll never rely on us like this again. So keep loving unconditionally- answer the last question, even if you feel like you are going to just burst if you do! This part of this journey is bitter-sweet, you just have to roll with the punches- and just know that you are doing perfectly- you are everything, even if you don’t feel like it! You will make it through the hardest days, with love and maybe some sort of grace.

We will look back on these days and think about how simple and sweet they were. We will forget about all the sleepless nights, the five thousand questions asked per hour, the continuous messes, and the time-outs!

Motherhood is hard, hard 👏🏼 as 👏🏼 hell 👏🏼 We are raising the future. We are teaching mini humans to love through life with kindness, manners, brains, courtesy and respect. We’re holding it down every day for our babes. We are doing the damn thing- even on the days when we are down and out.. the days that feel impossible, we still push through. We are amazing- in all of our motherhood glory.

Please know, if you read this and feel it- you are not alone ✨

Coming from the endlessly grateful, forever loving, exhausted, but seriously burnt out mama ✨


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