Packing My Hospital Bag- For the Third Time

Hey everyone ✨

This will be my third hospital birth and as the weeks go by I am slowly starting to get everything for our new baby together! One thing that I get asked a lot is what I put in my hospital bag, what are my necessities?

With my first son I over packed, you would’ve thought we were moving in, I practically brought my whole bed with me! And with my second, I was a little under packed, I relied on the hospital for a lot of stuff- which I highly recommend NOT doing.

So, this time I have started early enough to properly prepare. I haven’t over packed, and I haven’t under packed! This is my list of must haves for a hospital birth!

I use a nice sized Vera Bradley Travel Bag for my husband and I, and my diaper bag for our new baby- fully stocked with diapers and wipes for our travel home.

Let’s get started!!

Toiletries: I think your first shower after you have your baby should be done with all your familiar toiletries, so you feel comfortable and clean.

Your own face wash

Your face cream & body cream

Your own shampoo and conditioner

Your own body soap

Shower flip flops – I just grab a cheap pair from old navy

Toothbrush and toothpaste

A bag to put dirty clothes in

Clothing: I keep it super simple and comfortable!

A few small & light robes- they work best for me- I don’t like anything around my waist for a few weeks after having a baby- plus they are easy to nurse & do skin to skin in. They are comfortable to sleep & walk in and you can choose how tight you want to tie them.. they are also easy to use the bathroom in! I swear it’s the best way to go!

I also pack a few casual night gowns to wear while people are visiting

Flip flops to walk the hospital in!

A nursing cover- I typically do not use this because I inform everyone beforehand that I will openly be nursing, and if you aren’t comfortable with that then hold off on visiting for the next two years.

A nursing bra – I bring two or three!

Adult diapers- I honestly can’t stress this enough. I got this advice from my first midwife.. I didn’t bring them for my second birth, and used the mesh underwear with the huge pads that the hospital provides instead.. needless to say, I sent my husband to get the diapers because they are super absorbent, they don’t slip around and are very comfortable and dry!! I use these diapers until I start bleeding like I would on a normal period – about 4 weeks postpartum

A go home outfit- I use a loose dress & flip flops- mine is cotton and from old navy – it’s summer in South Florida, so we keep things light around here!

P.s. I get all my night gowns and robes from tjmaxx or Marshall’s, it is very affordable it’s all cute and comfortable. They also have pajamas that aren’t too pajamaish, which I really like!

Make up: this will be different for everyone, I bring my most basic things!


A hair bag with a few hair ties, bobby-pins, & clips

A hair brush

concealer and mascara- just Incase we have company that I would want to put make up on for.. highly unlikely but a possibility!

A hair dryer & your every day hair spray, gel, or hair oil

Bedding: This is important for me to feel comfortable and relaxed

I bring my favorite pillow and a small cozy warm blanket


Phone charger – get a long one if possible so you can plug it in behind your hospital bed

A tablet or laptop to watch Netflix or play music on while you’re up nursing or alone in the room


Snacks – a bag of pretzels, dried fruit and/or nuts, I pack a loaf of bread and some peanut butter too! I know I get starving through out the night after having a baby! And I hate hunting for a vending machine, or sending my husband to get something!

For my husband I pack a toothbrush a few pairs of boxers, a few pairs of socks, gym shorts and a few t-shirts. He has the freedom to run home if he needs, so just the basics!

For baby:

I know for us, our baby is naked most of the time because we are constantly doing skin to skin!

Clothing: I like to bring my own stuff because it is all pre-washed, soft, cotton & comfortable!

Three zip up footie pajamas- these are easy to get in and out of at night time for the nurses, and also to change diapers!

A few cotton onesies for the day time

Baby socks & a baby hat

Muslin swaddle blankets – I pack three

A take home outfit- I use a Burt’s Bees footie pajama & hat set

A nursing pillow/ boppy pillow

I think that is all! If I forgot anything please feel free to comment it below, or send it to me via Instagram at @alexandrabrea_

Thanks for stopping by 🌸



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