Shopping Haul for a Vegan Beginner- in bulk

Hey everyone 🌸

As you guys know, I’ve only been eating a plant-based vegan diet for nine days. Today I did my first big grocery haul for myself. For the last nine days I have just been back and fourth to the store for my key ingredients, which I am still learning!

Instead of shopping at our local grocery store or our Whole Foods, I’ve decided to see how much of my stuff I could purchase at costco. What I learned today is that costco has a great variety of organic ingredients. I was able to get almost everything I needed aside from my chai tea concentrate, my vegetable broth, some of my raw nuts (cashews) and my hemp milk! I would definitely call that a score, because everything else I got, I got in bulk!

My big haul costco shopping list:

1 bag of oranges (will last about 8 days)

1 bag of lemons (will last about 7 days)

1 bag of limes (will last about 15 days)

3 bags of avocados (will last about 10 days)

3 huge bunches of bananas (will last 7 days)

2 lbs of fresh tomatoes ( will last about 10 days)

5 heads of Romain + another lettuce ( I got butter lettuce ) ( will last 7 or 8 days.. maybe 10 days)

Organic black beans (bulk – 8 cans) ( will last a month)

Organic sweet corn (bulk – 12 cans) ( will last a few months)

Organic diced tomatoes (bulk – 8 cans)( will last a few months)

Organic tomatoes paste (bulk – 12 cans) (will last a few months)

1 bag frozen mango ( will last 2 weeks)

1 bag frozen strawberries (will last 2 weeks)

1 bag of vegan tortillas (bulk) (will last 1 month)

2 boxes of mushrooms (will last 7 days)

2 bags of asparagus (will last 2 weeks)

1 bag of sweet peppers (will last 2 or 3 weeks)

1 bag of each: dates, prunes, figs ( these will last a month)

1 bag super trail mix ( will last for 1 month)

1 bag pistachios (bulk) ( will last 1 month)

3 hemp milks ( will last 3 weeks)

1 chai tea concentrate ( will last 2 weeks)

And I got a few extra little things that I felt like I needed. My total for all of this was just about 300$, now I know that seems like a lot on just veggies, nuts and grains but this will last me and my boys well over two weeks- I may need to grab some more lettuce and chai tea but other than that I am set now for quite some time!

A few other things that I use every day are:

Maple syrup


Maca powder

Cocoa powder

These are the staples of my diet, right now! I can make all of my favorite meals and snacks with these ingredients, for a few weeks.

I am still learning how to cook accordingly, I have never been vegan or vegetarian so this is a whole new ballgame for me. I will update and let you guys know how long this haul lasted me for! As always, if you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comment section or on my instagram at @alexandrabrea_

P.s. my grandma has a killer lentil soup recipe. Hers is not vegan.. but I’ve made some alterations to it and made a vegan recipe!! I’ll be posting that, along with my chai tea smoothie recipe next 🌸🌸

Thanks for stopping by ❤️


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