Keeping Your Home Clean- For the Extremely Unorganized Mama

Hey girlfriends,

It is really no secret that I am 100% unorganized.. ALWAYS a scatter brain! Growing up, my room was always trashed.. my clothes were never where they were supposed to be. My school work was never in folders or binders.. everything has always been everywhere my. Whole. Entire. Life!

A few months back I remember feeling like I was just drowning in housework. My laundry was truly never ending.. I was always doing the dishes and wiping all my surfaces down, I was zipping around my house cleaning up all day long, seven days a week.. What I am trying to say is that I was getting no where. I was doing the same cleaning every day, so my house was never making any progress. I was the mom rushing around the house like a cleaning psycho, A LITERAL CLEANING PSYCHO at the words of ” company is coming over”. I was stuck in a messy house rut. And that is never a good rut to be stuck in with two toddlers and an over time working husband. Plus, I think we can all agree that everything just feels better when our homes are in order, or semi- in order!

I got to thinking in my ‘desperate to have a decently clean house’ state of mind, and realized that as for most people, lists work well for me. If I make a list of everything I need to get done, for some reason the chances of it getting done are greater than if I didn’t make the list at all. I don’t even know how or why that works, but for some reason it does! I also thought instead of cleaning my whole house in one day, once a week or once every two weeks ( which is exactly what I was doing, minus the daily pick ups) I would pick one room to deep clean per day, my one-room-a day technique! I did a trial week and truthfully my house had never been so clean. We all knew where things were, leaving the house became a little less hectic, and I felt good and accomplished!

So, my next step was to turn our family calendar, into my ‘cleaning calendar’. For my trial week I assigned a room to each day, hence the one-room-a-day technique 🙂

For example ( see pictures also):

Mondays -Bathrooms

• clean toilets, sinks, & bathtubs

• windex mirrors

• wash rugs

• mop floors, wipe walls, wipe baseboards

Tuesday’s -living room

• vacuum under sofa

• vacuum in sofa

• dust blinds and ceiling fan

• dust and wipe down all shelves

• clean and de-clutter coffee table and shelves

• windex any mirrors or sliding doors and windows

Wednesday’s -kitchen

• Clean counter tops and de-clutter

• clean oven and microwave -wipe down

• clean out and wipe down refrigerator

• wipe outside of all cabinets

• vacuum floors, mop and wipe baseboards

Thursday’s -hallways

• wash all area rugs

• vacuum

• spot wipe walls, clean baseboards, wipe down doors

• organize linen and towel closets

• get caught up on linen & towel laundry

• mop

Friday’s-bedrooms & playroom

• strip beds

• wash all sheets, pillow cases & small blankets

• dust blinds and ceiling fans

• wipe baseboards, spot wipe walls

• vacuum

• re- organize toys in bins

• wipe any dirty toys

Saturday & Sunday

straighten garage

• yard work / gardening

• grocery shop

• meal prep

Daily tasks

• keep up on dishes

• spot clean/wipe/vacuum

• do and put away one load of laundry

Then below each day I listed the things that needed cleaned for each room. I followed this schedule every day. Instead of cleaning up all day long, I spent either an hour in the morning or an hour in the evening cleaning. One-room-a-day – it just felt & still feels more manageable and easier to accomplish. I have been doing this since May, with two toddler boys and being pregnant our home has been comfy and clean now for two full months. It has smelled so fresh, & It just feels better! So, if you are anything like me, I would highly recommend this technique of house cleaning! Twenty-eight weeks pregnant and I am still able to keep up with my one-room-a-day take on this house keeping thing that has to get done!

P.s. I know I am not the first one to make a cleaning calendar I just wanted to take the time to share with you how I organize mine and keep up with my house as a naturally messy, busy & unorganized mama … and a tired one too!!

– As always guys, if you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comment section or via Instagram at @alexandrabrea_

Thanks for stopping by 🌸

My trial month!!


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