Buying a House at Twenty-Threes

When my husband and I started to date, I lived at home with my parents. My husband was playing football at a small college living in an apartment. I was working as a cocktail waitress, who had never had to pay any bills, or had ever lived away from home. My husband had no money.. just a broke college student.. literally living off of ramen noodles. 

My husband broke both of his legs and ended up moving into my parents house with me. We both began to work and save our money to get our own place. We ended up renting a really small apartment, the absolute cheapest apartment we could find because that’s all we could afford. It was old, and not in great shape.. but it worked for us. That is where we welcomed our first son. 

Shortly after we had our first son, my whole family decided to move seven hours south of where we were currently living. We moved with my parents and lived with them again for about three months. Just long enough for us to get first and last months rent saved to get another very small apartment with our baby. We started renting a 930 square foot apartment (where we are currently living). Again, the cheapest we could possibly find so we could try to save some money to buy a home for our children. 

My husband has worked 12+ hours a day for the last two years. When I say 12+ hours I mean 12 hours at the least, per day! Sometimes he is at work for 18 hours at a time. He has not turned down one hour of overtime. He has not turned one job down even if it was nasty, dirty, or grueling. He has skipped breakfast and lunch most days for those two extra hours of work. He gave up his dreams to work two, sometimes three jobs at a time. When I think about all the things he has sacrificed for his family I get so emotional, it’s hard to work the way he does. It is exhausting. He comes home with a smile on his face, covered in grease, dirt, paint, old food .. all kinds of things. He is run down, and tired, but continues to get up every morning and work so we can give our kids the life they deserve to have. 

We take all the hand me down clothes that we can get for our kids! They play with hand me down toys a lot of the time. And for holidays they gets one present from us, sometimes no presents at all. We have done this solely to save all the money we can, so eventually they can have anything they want or need.

My husband and I don’t buy presents for each other. We don’t buy stuff for ourselves. We don’t treat ourselves even when we feel like we really deserve it. We don’t go on dates. We plan the cheapest breakfasts, lunches, and dinners possible. We don’t own a car.. we don’t take our kids places that cost money. We don’t get our hair cut.. or go on family vacations.. we don’t get to travel to see our family because we literally have to save every penny that we earn. These are just some of the sacrifices that we have made to be able to buy a home at 23 years old, living on one income.. while supporting four people.   

When we started out , we didn’t have bath towels or bed sheets.. we had no dishes or any pots or pans. My husband had been wearing the same shoes for about three years and had the bare essentials clothing wise. We spent our weekends going to thrift shops and yard sales. Buying our dishes for ten cents or fifty cents! We only bought the things that we REALLY NEEDED.  Now, two years later, after some bargain shopping… We still only have a few cups in our cabinet, a few plates and bowls.. the pots and pans that we need.. we have a linen closet with a few bed sheets a hand full of pillow cases, and about four bath towels and a few pool towels. 

What I’m getting at is that even when we did have a couple extra dollars to spend, we didn’t. Even if we knew we could use new underwear or a new pair of shoes we didn’t buy them, we put the money in our savings. Even when I could’ve spent extra money on groceries, I didn’t. I got our necessities and put the extra cash in savings.  Even when we both wanted to surprise our kids with new shoes or gifts, we didn’t.. and it hurt every single time. But, we told ourselves, that it will pay off.. our kids will get what they deserve. And they are getting just that ! A specious brand new home, with a back yard to run through and play in whenever they want. 

We started with nothing.. we had nothing handed to us. We stuck together and worked as a team to get the things that we have now. We fought for this. If you set your mind to something, you can accomplish it! If there is a will, there is a way.  

Buying a house is our biggest accomplishment thus far. It has taken so much hard work.. and self discipline. It has been a long and annoying process, especially because we are so young. We don’t have much credit history, or renters history. It’s been tough. But by the grace of god, good teamwork, and a ton of saving, we got it all done! 

We are young parents, with two children. We have no college educations, no idea what we are doing most of the time, we don’t come from families that have money.. the odds were against us..  But good old fashioned hard work and dedication can get you everything and anything you want! Trust me, we are examples of just that! 

We are so blessed and grateful for everything that we own. We have never been materialistic people, and we never will be. We are rich with love and that is the best type of wealth there is. 

Thank you guys for reading and as usual if you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to ask or share!

Until next time,

Alex ❤


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