A Day in the Life of a Mom With a Sick Toddler 

Day 2 of bronchitis and sinus infection

Bryan started running a fever yesterday, I could tell he wasn’t feeling well due to the amount of affection he was dishing out. And sure enough, he woke up this morning awfully under the weather. 

I knew we were going to have a rocky day when he slept until 10:15 am. He’s typically an early riser.. he routinely wakes up around 7am.. anyways, needless to say.. he was feeling crumby. I scoped him out, had our normal morning convo which usually consists of “how’d you sleep” ” I missed you when you were sleeping” ” would you like some pancakes and juice” ” wanna play!”. Ordinarily, he just gives me a quick “yep” to all my questions! But today, unfortunately most of his answers were “no”.

So, off to the doctor we went! This is month two of this consistent nagging phlegmy cough, and runny nose. But since the fever kicked in again we had to get him checked out.. for the third time, in the last two months. Sure enough his white blood cell count was elevated and his pedi decided he has a sinus infection and bronchitis!

We will be riding the sick wave for the next 7-10 days! You guys know what that means.. 

humidifier 24/7


Candy.. used strictly for bribery 

Lots of hugs and cuddles

Plenty of homemade broth 

Me stressing about him not eating 

Me stressing about his fever

Me stressing about every single one of his symptoms

Me stressing about sterilizing my house 

Pretty much just me being crazy!

All while keeping up with the house work, the cooking, the one year old, my husband, my dog, and myself (hopefully a little). 

If you feel my pain can I get a ‘heck yea!’

Just wanted to let you guys know what’s goin on in my crazy home. You guys let me know if you have any tips on how to coax a toddler into taking medicine! Wish me luck. Send the wine! 

Until next time, 



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