To the Negative Nancy’s

Hey Everyone,

So, I have been sharing pictures of my stretch mark covered belly on my public instagram page, one of them happened to go viral. Well, I just want to have an all in one response to all of the mean and negative comments I have received and am still receiving. Now, don’t get me wrong, I obviously expect comments like these before I even post any picture on my social media. That is the ONLY reason I contemplate whether to even post pictures of my mummy tummy..

First off, I want to say my skin is not as thick as I would like it to be. And I do read almost every comment left on my pictures. I love the ongoing messages I’m getting from other mamas (which was what I wanted from these posts). But, surprisingly there is a lot of hate left on these pictures. Pictures aimed to help other moms suffering with postpartum depression, aimed to help normalize an average postpartum body, aimed to help other mamas love themselves as I am learning to love myself. I receive comments from men, women, boys and even younger girls stating that my stretch marks are “gross” they should be “covered up” I should be “embarrassed to show my stomach” The worst part about these comments are not that they are mean.. The worst part is that I am not shocked that people are saying these things to me.. I am not shocked that people think my stretch marks are ugly.. I am not shocked that some people are really turned off and disgusted by the marks that are left from carrying my children.

I am sorry that some of you feel so strongly about the marks left on my stomach. I feel bad that you feel the need to click on my photo and take the time to type a nasty comment about how ugly my skin is. Ultimately I feel sad that this is the society I am raising my two sons in. I feel sad that our children are being taught that things as common and normal as stretch marks are viewed as flaws. I feel sad that most of us mamas sporting stretch marks feel like we have to hide our skin because society tells us that we are not pretty anymore. Well I have news for you guys.. we are still beautiful.. we are still funny.. we are still strong.. we are still smart..we are still loving.. we are still nurturing.. we are not as good as we were before we were given our beauty marks, we are better!! We are even more strong.. we are even more fierce.. we are even more loving!!  And If your mama didn’t teach you that if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all.. then I will. Take your ignorance elsewhere. You’re one of the problems in this world.. Don’t go our of your way to tell someone they are ugly.. get a life, learn how to love yourself, so that you can love and accept other people too.

Stretch marks are beautiful guys, and we are rocking them !!! Thank you to all my mamas for showing their beautifully marked bellies on social media, and spreading the love and support on my instagram page ❤  Cheers to normalizing postpartum bodies.

Until next time,

Alex ❤


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