Lets Talk Boobies

Hey Everyone,

I was thinking we could start a series of breastfeeding stories, like our Mothers By Nature, Warriors By Choice thread! I am receiving SO much positive feedback about the postpartum journeys that I am posting from other mamas around the world! So, I thought we could do the same with breastfeeding! I am going to go ahead and kick start our thread with my own personal breastfeeding story with both of my boys. If you are currently reading this and would like to share your own breastfeeding journey, please email it to me at a_ciervo@aol.com ❤ feel free to include a few of your favorite nursing pictures, your first name, and where you live. All of the breastfeeding journeys will be posted under the title ‘ Lets Talk Boobies’

So, here we go!

When I found out I was pregnant with my first son Bryan, I felt an extreme need to nurse him! I knew from early on in my pregnancy that I wanted to nurse him long term. I expressed my feelings to my midwife, and she was very encouraging! she started to educate me on all sorts of things. She prepared me with a few of her favorite remedies for sore nipples, she gave me some insight on what was to come, she told me right off the bat that it was NOT going to be easy, and that for most women breastfeeding does not come naturally!

Well fast forward to the day baby Bry was born, I gave birth to him in a womens pavilion with my midwife, it was a medicated birth ( I tried unmedicated, we’ll get into that another time!) I pulled him out of my body, and brought him straight to my breasts to feed and do as much skin to skin as possible! I distinctively remember having the hardest time trying to figure out how to hold him and get him to latch at the same time. It seemed impossible to me. It took us about two full hours of persistently trying, to finally get him to latch! It was not a great latch, but he was on. We spent four days in the hospital nursing on demand, meeting with the lactation consultant and the nurse for every feed to try to get him to latch properly. I was not the only one working really hard to get him to latch nicely! My nurses, midwife and lactation consultant were with me almost every feeding around the clock trying to figure out what was going on.

Fast forward again to finally bringing Bry home, we were still nursing on demand. Both of my nipples were completely raw, bleeding and cracked. I cried every single time he was ready to feed. I dreaded latching him onto my breast. I remember at night time while my husband was asleep, I would sit up next to him in bed and just hold Bryan while he cried because my nipples were so sore I couldn’t bare to latch him. After about a week of nursing on demand, my nipples healed and all was good. It was still very stressful because my baby would not stop crying.. I mean screaming!! We were in the doctors office almost daily trying to figure out why he would not stop crying! We went through weeks of this constant crying, our pediatrician dismissed it, he told us our baby was ‘colic’. After about a month of this constant crying.. by constant I mean crying for 8 hours straight, before he would finally fall asleep for an hour then start again, I followed my sisters and moms advice and spoke with a different doctor. We found out that baby Bry had a pretty severe milk protein and soy allergy, so my breastmilk was actually making his belly sick. That doctor gave us Similac Alimentum formula to try and see if it made a difference. At that point, I was desperate for some sleep and peace. It was crucial for my own well being that my baby stop crying just a little! Needless to say, I gave him the formula.. and it was almost instant. After one day and one night of being on the baby formula he was completely content. I then decided to stop nursing him and continue formula feeding, instead of modifying my diet. I feel guilty for that decision still to this day. But it is okay!

I could not successfully nurse my first son, and that is okay! baby Bry is extremely healthy! He is amazing. I am currently nursing my second son Anthony, who had the same allergies. I chose to modify my diet this time and commit to breastfeeding 100% . He still has not gotten a bottle, he is strictly boobie!! Some days are very hard for me, some days I just want to quit, most days I get touched out, and some days I just hate breastfeeding! But I chose to commit to this when I fell pregnant for the second time, and here I am five months strong with no end in sight ❤

I just think its important for me to say, I support all mamas’ decisions, I support formula feeding, pumping, bottle feeding, and breastfeeding. Ive been there, I have tried them all with my first son! But I do encourage all mamas to breastfeed ❤

Thanks for reading! please don’t hesitate to share your stories, comments and advice on breastfeeding,

Until next time ❤ ❤




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One thought on “Lets Talk Boobies

  1. Hi baby my name is paloma im from peru a country of sudamericana…im mom to baby 3months his ñame is Ramón is my first babe and my inspiration my life changed a
    Lot all is New for me like everyone but my feelings are confused im feel sad tired ugly 🙁My husband is my angel he help me all the time …but the important change in my body is in my face have stain on the face im so sad for that 😣😣😫😩


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