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Hey Everyone,

I have been getting lots of Postpartum submissions that I am so excited to share with you, from women all over the world! The purpose of this is to have a plethora of stories that we can all read through and relate with ❤ If anyone wants to share their story on this blog, please feel free to email it to me ❤ All submissions will be posted under ‘Mothers By Nature, Warriors By Choice’

so here we go!

Kaleigh – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Hey! So my story , it’s a long one .. I have a four year old daughter , paysleigh and my 10 month old daughter Charleigh , they are amazing ! After I had paysleigh I was diagnosed with pulsatile tinnitus, it sounds like a Doppler in your ear, that was four years ago and I never heard anymore about it the specialists just let it go. I’ve always had headaches and I get weird pressure in my head but they told me I’d just have to live with it , then I had my daughter Charleigh, nothing Out of the ordinary , had an okay labour , placenta abruption at 27 weeks but it healed itself and she was delivered at 39 weeks 4 days weighing in at a whopping 10 pounds 7 ounces , via c section ! Then, After I had Charleigh the headaches progressively got worse and the pressure in my head also , then suddenly my vision went. My doctor was concerned and booked me an mri but I was pregnant and couldn’t get the mri so she said to just watch it. Finally, I backed into my neighbours car and I Literally didn’t even see it , I just smoked it. I went to the hospital in my little town and they rushed me to a bigger city hospital an hour away telling me I have a blood clot in my brain. I was terrified , scared beyond belief . After I had an mri and other testing done they sent me home and told me it was just a headache, just to drink coffee and sleep lots … I know , ridiculous right? So I went home and the next morning I had to be back to the bigger city hospital for 8:30 am to see the Ophthalmologist . I went through 8 hours of testing. As we were leaving they called me and told me I was being admitted , my heart literally shattered because my little babies were at home without their momma and I missed them so much I was sick. I had already been away from them for two days at that point. So, I went got admitted and they told me that I have idiopathic intercrainial hypertension … To much fluid surrounding and suppressing my brain. They did a lumbar puncture (was more painful Than child birth) kept me over night, and sent me home the next day at 5pm. They drained 40 cc of fluid , and said my opening pressure was 37. Normal pressure is supposed to be between 0-5 , they told me that I’d have to go back every two weeks for the LP , I was shattered because they are so painful and being pregnant  I was terrified something would hurt my baby. The LP did nothing to help me I am seeing a high risk ob at this point and he said the LP is fine to have, it wont hurt my baby so I just went with the flow… I had a doctors appointment on the Thursday before New Years and I was concerned because my vision was getting a lot worse. I could hardly see anything ( my lisence was taken away a month and a half before this appointment 😢) so she called my neurologist and he said to get there as soon as possible. So off we went , we sat in the emergancy room for 29 hours before finally getting a bed (we’re admitted before we arrived ) and then they decided to not do the LP, that they were going to put a ventricular paratonie L shunt in me instead because I was practically blind . He said if we waited any longer Id be permanently blind. They warned me the surgery was risky, but the risks out weighed waiting .. So we went for it! New Year’s Eve at 9:50 pm I went into the operating room, baby was amazing before we went in, they did an ultra sound. Then after the surgery was over baby was great also. They put a cathedar directly into my left ventricle of my brain and he was scared for the risk of stroke, so I have two incisions one on my belly and two incisions on my head. The recovery has been hell. I am in so much pain still. I was in the hospital for a week after this and didn’t get to see my kids which literally killed me… I’m just praying this gets better so I can get back to normal but my baby is 100% healthy which makes me so happy because this is my last baby. I see the high risk ob every two weeks until baby is born, they will be delivering as soon as it is safe as the bigger my belly gets the more pressure in my head and it compromises my shunt … So the plan is 37 weeks to deliver right now, but he said really as soon as it’s safe, baby is coming out .. So many scary things to come , I think it’s the fear of the unknown and the pain that is making me fall into depression, I’m also terrified of losing my baby after all of this , it terrifies me… Sorry this was so long ! But thanks for listening

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Beth- Rockhampton, Australia

 My Postpartum story

My postpartum journey didn’t show anything I hadn’t read about; lots of pain, lots of breastfeeding and very little mobility. It was after the initial “after-6-weeks-you-can-do-everything-you-did-before-just-ease-into-it” that my body wasn’t cooperating the way I assumed it would.

Having a newborn was always going to be a challenge, it seems I braced myself for the worst as all the advice I got was “it’s hard, hang in there,sleep when the baby sleeps blah blah pleh! And they were right to an extent. It was a juggling act of trying to find a breastfeeding position that didn’t make me wince, make meals, cleaning without the need to bend over and prepare for a (MY) wedding and moving houses. This went on for three months and my internal compass starting working overtime. All the questions? Why can’t I breastfeed wherever I want? Why can’t I clean the house in 20 mins before E wakes up? Why can’t I jog for more than a minute and want to cry in pain? Why didn’t I look like my other mummy friends yet? Why can’t I lie on the ground with my baby and admire her learning to explore the world? It’s been three months!

On top of this I was getting married in a month and moving. Optimistic-pre pregnancy-Beth was so sure that four months would be enough time to quickly get into respectable shape for her self esteem and walk down the isle quick smart, marry a gorgeous man and be done with it…but the weight was not going anywhere, the list of wedding things to do and pay for was daunting and the pain was here to stay (for now).

A week before our wedding, we moved house and that was completely horrendous – the summer heat, the newborn, the truck full of our whole life, the heat!!! Thankfully my daughter managed to sleep anywhere and she somehow kept me going through all the postpartum madness that was not slowing down.

So off we went to get Married, it was beautiful and crazy and perfect. The day couldn’t have come at a better time and made the life changing experience of having a child and starting a new life more exciting than daunting.

Through all this, I thought my hormones were still adjusting and I was just completely overwhelmed by how much my life had changed. Much to my (sad) surprise I was soooo wrong!

After a long 9 months of back and forth appointments, doctors had come to a conclusion that there was a cyst still growing in my ovary that was proving to be a pain in the butt (well front butt, ha)! Safe to say I was pretty devastated. After my first gynecologist appointment she suggested I wait 6 months until my next check up as most cysts usually disappear or stop growing. I could have balled my eyes out. “I can’t wait 6 more months” was all I managed to say and it was settled. I had one final ultrasound and visit with the gynecologist before my surgery date to get the cyst removed was scheduled.

I was so excited to get this bloody cyst OUT! Two days after my surgery the stitches came loose and I had to go in again </3. This time they stayed, but but my recovery was longer and slower. I couldn’t think of anything worse when E was hitting so many milestones. The words she understood, the interaction she was making with her books, toys and people…and I was a corpse lying in bed.

Our not so little girl turned one, just three months after my surgery and I’d just begun to feel myself again. Yes, I was married to an incredible man and yes we had started an awesome new adventure together and yes the weight and stretch marks and scars were there also, but so was my daughter. My bubbly, innocent, smiling, social daughter who had a crazy year -more crazy than her mummy- growing to be a beautiful resilient toddler.
She never let me down and reminds me everyday how important my journey as a mother and a human is to her. More than any flaws I will ever have I’ve learn that she needs me. But, I will always need her more.



Thank you Ladies for sharing your stories ❤ and Thank you to the ladies that stopped by to read and relate ❤

If you would like to share your postpartum story with us, please don’t hesitate

Until next time 

Alex ❤



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