To my fellow mamas

Hey everyone,

I am currently writing this while nursing my son Anthony, while laying with baby Bryan on our sofa watching Little Rascals! I just wanted to take this down time in my day to reach out to everyone and say Thank You!! I am honestly shocked at how many of you other mamas can relate to my story. I can not believe all the positive feedback you are all giving me. I wish at this point I could sit down somewhere and talk with every single one of you about how you birthed your children, how you felt after you had your babes, how your breastfeeding journeys are going, what your spouses are like and what your postpartum depression struggle was/is like. I don’t know if any of you guys got to see Good Morning America this morning, but they actually aired my interview with them. I am still amazed at the fact that I was on TV this morning !!!! I cannot express how passionate I am about raising awareness for postpartum depression, I can’t tell you guys how important it is to me to begin to show the world how us mommies really look after we bring our babies into this wonderful world. I am loving all of the personal messages I am receiving, I am trying to get through all of them today and respond.

The reaction that I have had to my own stretch marked stomach has mostly been absolutely positive, don’t get me wrong.. of course there are a good amount of negative comments in there, but for the most part the comments are full of love, positivity, and support.. which in my opinion, is what motherhood should be all about. At this point I am hoping from the 34,000 + shares that my picture has gotten, the 110,000+ likes , and 7,000+ comments, that we can start to begin to feel a little more comfortable talking about our postpartum depression, because it is truly SO important to talk about, it is SO important to share our personal stories and experiences with each other. I hope from the huge reaction I have gotten from my public share of my own stretch marks, that you guys can find the courage and self love to share your baby marks also. My ultimate goal for posting my picture of my own belly was to reach out to as many of you mamas as possible, I want you guys to know that I have these marks, I am pushing through my postpartum depression, I am right here with you guys! Lets talk about our postpartum depression, our messy stretch marks, our crazy birth stories, our lives at home with our spouses and beautiful babies, lets embrace in our motherhood together. That is one of the most beautiful parts about being a woman, it’s motherhood, and uniting and sticking together through these trials that we face.

please if you are reading this, share with me something about your motherhood journey, I’m so excited to hear from you guys ❤






One thought on “To my fellow mamas

  1. We are following your story from England! That is a beautiful tummy you have! Each mummy and every woman over the planet are all in this together! You are spreading love and that is what we need!


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